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It is not hidden fact to any economy observer that Turkish market with all the opportunities it offers, is interesting.


Turkey is the 17th economy in the world and in the infrastructure segment it has a big potential for Oil products manufacturers like Bitumen, Base Oil, RPO and PVC suppliers.


"Iranian Petrochemical complexes, refineries and oil products traders are closely following the activities of the Turkish market for many years and have done many deals so far." says Kaveh Dilmaghani, represnter of Modiran Company in Istanbul, Turkey. "we have exported bitumen and base oil in the last years to Turkey and we are looking forward to start new partnership with Turkish firms." he added.


Iran's exports to Turkey amounted to $6.1 billion or 3.1% of its overall imports:


  1. Oil: $4.9 billion

  2. Plastics: $463.8 million

  3. Copper: $193.9 million

  4. Fertilizers: $100.4 million

  5. Organic chemicals: $90.9 million

  6. Zinc: $88.6 million

  7. Aluminum: $45.3 million

  8. Iron and steel: $29.8 million




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