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Iran Bitumen 60/70

validity: max 15th NOV 2017
New steel drums

$284.00 per MT
Base Oil (SN)

different grades SN500, SN350 etc
In FlexiTanks or drums
FOB, CFR, CIF delivery

Speedy Engine Oil

Sepahan Speedy Engine Oil
In 4 litr. cans or 200lit drums

Rubber Process Oil (RPO)

Origin from Iran
FOB, CFR, CIF delivery
packing: Flexi tank and drums

Iran Oil Products & Commodities

Buy Bitumen from suppliers in Iran. Jey, Pasargad & Oil Refineries certified in Iran Mercantile Exchange Market (IME). Available grades & types refinery bitumen (Penetration & specifications)
Packaging and stuffing are essential items which influence your final cost of the product. this should be held by professionals, with enough knowledge of local & international packing issues and standards.
Freight &Transrpotation is the last chain of your purchase. We work closely with shipping lines, land transportation companies, cargo forwarders & custom experts to ensure this stage will be done properly.
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Iran's Base Oil (virgin) is reputable for its high quality in the region. SN500 & SN150 Base oil from Sepahan, Pars Oil and Iranol refineries' are the most famous brands for exporters from Iran.
Sepahan SPEEDY engine oil are blends of refined mineral oils with high performance additives. Exporters credit Iran's finished motor oil for its consistant quality and competivie price comparing to rivals.

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