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Iran Base Oil

Base Oil different grades are workhouse ingredient and base material for formulators and blenders of lubricants for passengers and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial applications.
Iran Base Oil Grades and specifications:
SOC-500 is superior quality component for automotive and industrial applications.
Features and benefits:
  • Consistency in formulation
  • Market general packages with a range of additive
  • Superior supply chain / delivery logistics


Packing is available in Bulk, Flexi Tanks and New Steel Drums

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SGS Inspection services
Our firm offers SGS Inspection services and approval on all our deals and contracts.
SGS or any third party inspection is crucial if you don't know your supplier or if you are not very expert in the field you are trading or purchasing a product.
To have tour on SGS process on how they certify standards and specification of Base Oil products, see here.