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We can supply Bitumen VG 30 from Iran. The specifications were revised in the years 1962 and 1992. To improve the quality of Bitumen, BIS revised IS-73-1992 specifications based on Viscosity (Viscosity at 60oC) in July 2006. As per these specifications, there are four grades VG-10, VG-20, VG-30 & VG-40.

VG30 is a kind of bitumen, produced during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom in distillation tower and is categorized based on its viscosity grade. The main common usage of bitumen VG30 is in road construction, water proofing, building construction industries and also in cutback bitumen production. This kind of bitumen is suitable to be used in mild regions. Viscosity grade Bitumen: The new method of grading the product has now rested on the viscosity of the Bitumen (at 600C and 135C).

The new grades have thus evolved with nomenclature:

Grades Minimum of Absolute
viscosity, Poise@ 600C
Approximate penetration grade
VG 30 2400 60-70

With the current revision several key issues are addressed, like:

  • Performance
    at high temperatures by adopting a viscosity-graded bitumen specification (based on viscocity at 60 ºC), in place of the current penetration-graded specification (based on penetration at 25 ºC)
  • Issues
    relating to compaction, which the tender asphalt mixtures create as push and shove under the roller wheels, have also addressed by having a requirement of minimum viscosity at 135ºC, it will be helpful in minimizing the tender mix problems in the field.
  • Adoption
    of viscosity-graded paving bitumen specifications will also reduce the number of total tests to 7