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Iran Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products
This Marketplace is open for everyone. We have proved our ability to to work with suppliers, traders, service providers, project owners and consumers through years of our activity. Our range of products can be categorized in two main divisions:
  • Oil & Gas products
  • Petrochemical Products & Polymers

iran oil products exportersThe origin of all products is from Iran. Oil products are supplied by several Oil refineries in Iran, like Jey Oil Refinery, Pasargad Oil Refinery, Sepahan Oil Refinery etc and Petrochemical Products are supplied by Petrochemical Complexes like Jam PetroChem Complex in Assalouyeh, Shazand (Arak) Petro Complex, Maroon in Mahshahr, Tabriz Petrochemical Complex etc
Some Oil and Gas products are only supplied by NIOC international department like crudes, condensate etc, which can be inquired and bought through certified and verified mandates by NIOC.

Everyone who can deliver different grades and types of Oil products and Petrochemicals for Export from Iran, is welcome to join our network. since Petrochemical products include a vast variety and range of types like Acids, Poly Ethylene, Polypropylene, Alcohols, LAB and detergents etc, custmers may need to send detailed inquiry and we will pass it to suppliers who are capable of providing those products.You can send all your inquiries to us by email to ogs@irxp.com

SGS Inspection services
All reputable exporters in Iran, offer Inspection services and approval on all their deals and contracts, like SGS, GeoChem etc.
SGS or any third party inspection is crucial if you don't know your supplier or if you are not very expert in the field you are trading or purchasing a product.
To have tour on SGS process on how they certify standards and specification of bitumen products, see here.