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Important: Right Now we only supply our export Bitumen in New Steel Drums  and  Bitubags.


Over the years of our experience in Bitumen business, through investment in the most current and updated delivery methods of Bitumen and purpose built packing, we have now fully confident that we can provide our clients with the most developed systems to make their purchase more stable and smooth.
Our approach has been to offer 3 ways of shipment:



bitumen drums

Bulk Bitumenbitumen bitubags

We usually advise our clients to obtain their required bitumen in New Steel Drums since experience shows, this packing method results in saving time, the consistency of quality, costs and our respect for the environment of our planet.


The reason we offer both used and steel drums is some of clients (mostly in centeral Asia market) ask for it. We suggest all our clients new steel drums. Also to avoid extra costs for our clients, we can offer to buy back the drums when the delivery finished. this works mostly for clients who buy periodically (like monthly purchase)