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About Our Group of Companies
Iran Bitumen Market holds several companies, some common in shareholders and some business Partners.
Modiran General Trading LTD is a registered Trading firm in Iran, Tehran. It is an active member of Int'l Chamber of Commerce, Iran Exporters Community, Iranian

Modiran Trading

Bitumen Exporters Syndicate. We have worked with many Iranian Exporters of all oil products and chemicals.
In 2010 Modiran Company joined Fajr Tabandeh Trading and Golden Way General trading companies in Iran and UAE to enhance more reliable infrastructure and business network to supply their integrated network of clients.
We are closely working with Government and Private sectors, organizations and departments to meet our clients' requirements and standards. Some are listed below:
  • Iran Mercantile Exchange Company
  • Jey Oil Refinery
  • Pasargad Oil Refinery
  • I.R.Iran Shipping Line (IRISL)
  • CMA-CGM and PIL shipping lines
  • Jadeh Ranan Transportation
  • Saman Bank

We have associates and representatives in below countries and cities to ensure a reliable and hassle free purchase:

  • Iran - TehranGoldenWay General Trading
  • Iran - Isfahan
  • Iran - Bandar Abbas
  • UAE - Dubai
  • Cyprus - Limassol
  • China - Guanzou

please feel free to contact us for further information. you can also place your order bitumen online!