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Iran Rubber Process Oil - RPO export
Rubber Process Oils (RPO) are used during mixing of rubber compounds. These help in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during further processing. IPOL Rubber process oils are specially developed taking into consideration the type of rubber and the end product applications.

Physical Properties


SPGr @ 60/60 F (APP.)


Flash point c (min)


Asphaltenes wt % (max)


Kin. Vis. @ 100c (min)


Water cont. vol. % (max)


Color (max)


Pour point c (max)


Viscosity index (min)


second hand (used) drums are of type A drums. see details here.


In secondhand drums

Net weight:

200 – 210KG

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SGS Inspection services
Our firm offers SGS Inspection services and approval on all our deals and contracts.
SGS or any third party inspection is crucial if you don't know your supplier or if you are not very expert in the field you are trading or purchasing a product.
To have tour on SGS process on how they certify standards and specification of Base Oil products, see here.