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Bitumen Market Analysis and Forecast

OilProducts.ir 's Analysis team: Commodity Market analysis is important to measure past events and to be able to forecast the trends in future. Bitumen Market is strongly connected to global Oil market; prices, trends, events and scarcity of resources. The price of Vacuum Bottom reflects on Bitumen prices very directly and linearly.
There are local market variables like regional conditions (like climate etc), large governmental tenders and projects etc which have big influence on the price, from the demand point of view.

Iran in new year, open for business and trade

With Iran's spectacular endowment of oil and gas, it is easy to forget that decades of isolation have forced Iran to diversify its economy to the point that oil and gas only account for 25% of GDP.

Potential investors and businesses are enjoying a new found freedom, despite the challenges facing those looking to enter the biggest market to hit the global stage since the fall of the Soviet Union.


Iran's banking Sector is ready for the influx of investors and new business in the new year, 1395.

The Oil Products Market

The new Persian New year is starting soon. 1395 will begin 21st of March. The Market will be closed in Iran for two weeks. not all the days are off, but we know by experience, trade will be off during these two weeks. especially transportation will be interrupted seriously.


For the next year, which will be started soon, with void sanctions against Iran, the oil and petrochemical products market will be HOT!



Rubber Process Oil ended up this year around 230 USD per MT FOB Bandar Abbas


Iran is back on the markets, No further Sanctions!

Nowadays' big news is the removal of international economic sanctions on Iran, following the implementation of the July 2015 nuclear agreement.

Bijan Zanganeh, Iran’s oil ministry ordered the ramp up of 500K barrels per day in production. Iran says it can achieve the target almost immediately. Iran has oil tankers loaded with 50 million barrels of crude oil ready to depart. Iran has every incentive to sell more oil, just like any other producer who is trying to make up for falling revenue by shipping more volume.


Oil prices started 2016 bullish!

The declining oil price index turned to bullish as the Asian stock markets stabilized following heavy losses in the previous session, but weak oil market fundamentals with production levels persistently above global demand kept a lid on gains. It seems the oil products and petrochemicals and polymers will follow the change in prices as the producers suffered a lot during the market shrinking period.

Bearish news brought back oil prices

iran oil refinery

Bitumen market conditions and prices remained almost unchanged since Oil prices retreated this week, retracing most of the gains achieved last week, putting crude nearly back where it started before the latest rally. WTI dropped to $46 per barrel on October 15 and Brent fell under $49. The EIA reported bearish weekly figures, which depressed crude markets. Refinery inputs dropped and crude inventories shot up by 7.6 million barrels, the most in six months. The jump in storage levels renewed fears of oversupply.

100,000MT Bitumen offered and bought in Iran Mercantile Exchange Market in one day

The global market especially the western companies are waiting to see the real impacts and effects of Iran Nuclear talks. "the removal of banking and other trade related sanctions will encourage the western companies to involve in Iran's market more serious than ever; as the global economy needs Iran's market contribution to overcome the remains of the economic crisis from last decade" says Emad Honarparvar, Trader at Iran Mercantile Exchange Market.

Polymer products from Iran

Jam Petrochemical Complex in Iran, Assalouyeh

According to the report from Iran Mercantile Exchange, today, 74 grades of polymer products will be offered by petrochemical complexes including Arvand, Amirkabir, Abadan, Aria Sasool , Bandar Imam, Poly Naar, Tabriz, Tondgooyan, Jam, Rejal, Shaazand, Qadir, Laleh, Maroon, Mehr, Jam Polypropylene and Kermanshah Polymer.