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Iran Bitumen exhibition


Tehran Permanent fairground will host the 8th Iran Bitumen, Asphalt, Emulsion, Machinery and related industries Exhibition during 24-27th of January 2017.


"Use of Bitumen/Asphalt is increasing as governments try to improve the quality of national infrastructures and public transportation. As a key item in road construction projects, Bitumen and related Machinery are main topics for municipalities and governors to import." says Pedram Malekshahi, the international affairs' manager in Modiran Company.


Main targets for visitors and business owners are separation, reinforcement, filtration and drainage. The focus is on methods to increase the pavement performance, reduce construction costs and decrease maintenance.

Modiran Trading Company with Global Polymers Marketplace (polymers.ir) will attend the event.


To register for visiting or participating in this exhibition please go to