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Jam Petrochemical Complex in Iran, Assalouyeh

According to the report from Iran Mercantile Exchange, today, 74 grades of polymer products will be offered by petrochemical complexes including Arvand, Amirkabir, Abadan, Aria Sasool , Bandar Imam, Poly Naar, Tabriz, Tondgooyan, Jam, Rejal, Shaazand, Qadir, Laleh, Maroon, Mehr, Jam Polypropylene and Kermanshah Polymer. The most important offerings contain styrene butadiene rubber, bottles polyethylene terephthalate, textile polyethylene terephthalate, thermoplastic polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, film low density polyethylene, HDPE, HDP wind, HDP injection, rotational heavy polyethylene, HDPE film, HDPE pipe, tubes heavy expanded polystyrene, resistant polystyrene, chemical polypropylene, textile polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. Moreover, 50,800 MT of bitumen will be offered in the same trading floor.

"Iran's HDPE (film and pipe) grades are highly traded by Turkish and Indian producers and traders. Also new market like CIS region and recently EU countries are getting interested as a consequence of Iran and 5+1 talks and agreement", says Buy-Bitumen.com trade manager.

Based on this report, export trading floor will play host to the offering of 84 KT of bitumen from Jey Oil alongside with 2 KT of bitumen from Arka Oil Refinering, 5 KT of bitumen 6070 from Rouz Farachemie Co., 10 KT of bitumen 6070 from Iranian Star Bitumen co., 1KT of bitumen 6070 from Hormozan Oil Development Co. as well as 1,300 MT of bitumen 85100 from Isfahan Bitumen Co. The report declares that based on the potential demand 800 MT of 1,000 lb aluminum ingot with 99.7% purity from Iran Aluminum Company with the base price of 58,022 IRR/T will be offered in metals and minerals trading floor.
It is worth noting, 4 KT of durum wheat, 5 KT of sugar,603 MT of mazafati date and 26,900 MT of maize will be offered in agricultural trading floor.
Finally, RAJA will attend secondary market with offering of 2 KT of scrap metal.
Based on the report, approximately 280 KT of various commodities will be offered in spot and secondary markets of IME.

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