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Iran Mercantile Exchange Market hosts much more products than Bitumen and oil products. As now Arvand, Isfahan, Ilam, Abadan, Borzouyeh, Bandar Imam, Ali Sina, Pars, Tondgouyan, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Shazand, Shiraz, Karoon, Kermanshah, Kermanshah Polymer and Mehr products will offer petrochemical products like, Epoxy resins, styrene monomer, Hydrochloric acid, heavy aromatic ammonia, Para xylene, polyethylene, poly butadiene rubber, PVC, TDI and Caustic soda.
In the bitumen group there will be offering of 47Kt of bitumen on IME by Jay Oil and Pasargad Oil companies.
In the agricultural trading floor of IME, 1,000 MT of soy bean flake from India with the base price of 16,500 IRR/Kg.
Based on this report 3,050 MT of 6070 bitumen from Azardavam Youl, Bam Gam Ayegh Oroomieh, Arka, Matinsaz will be offered in the export trading floor of IME.
Total offering of Today in IME will be approximately 80Kt for spot market.

for further information on any of above products and for getting quote on them please feel free to contact ogs [at] irxp.com , the IME certified broker.

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