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Have you been confused by different types of Bitumen traded and used in industry? refined bitumen, Viscos Bitumen, Natural Tar (Bitumen), Cut back, Oxidised Bitumen, Emulsion etc...??!


let's see what are these different types of Bitumen, but I need to discuss each one in single posts! this time let me tell you about Cut Back Bitumen:

Refined or Penetration Bitumen is what we know mostly for famous grades of 60/70, 85/100 etc this is the most traded bitumen. in Iran Jey refinery and Pasargad refineries (6 plants) are the most known suppliers. what makes this bitumen, Cut Back, is the liquid solvent (mostly fuel or gasoline) mixed with it, to make the Bitumen less solid. so the Cut Back bitumen is also known as liquid bitumen. it decreases the viscosity and makes it easier to flow. Depending on the type of solvent used, the Cut Back Bitumen will be Rapidly Curing (RC) or Slowly Curing (SC) or Medium (MC)


Since the Iranian government subcidizes the fuels inside the country, exporting Cut Back Bitumen is forbidden.

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