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As per report by the PR of IME, this day is marked by trading session of oil-related and plastic products as well as chemicals to be offered in 46Kt in volume.

The petrochemical companies of Arvand, Esfahan, Borzouyeh, Razi, Fan Avaran, Shiraz, Shazand, Bistoon, Bandar Emam, Tondgooyan and others offer orthoxylene, Acetic acid, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric acid, LAB, PVC, MEG, Caustic Soda, CM, NB, Baking Soda and other products.

Also today, May 14, 2014 IME sells 29Kt of different grades of bitumen as well as 10Kt of VB, 5.7Kt and 500 tons of Argon.

In the export trading floor of IME, export bitumen is offered by Memaran, Fooman Shimi, Krous Energy and Dojpa in 6000, 1500, 1000 and 1000 tons respectively. Also iron ore is going to be offered in quantity of 50Kt granulated of Jalal Abad Mining Site at 57USD per ton.

Worth to inform that, during the industrial trading session in IME today, May 14, 2014 4.4 Kt of rebar in assorted size of Bonab Steel, 2.2 Kt of A3-25 rebar of  Persian Steel Aria and 10 kg of gold bullion are going to be offered.

In the agriculture trading floor 150 tons of soybeen of Ex-Daneh, and the same volume of this product by Neishbour, 2 Kt of white sugar and 2 Kt od rice both of foreign origin are offered.

In addition, Patriotic Union of Poultry will offer 40 tons of eggs at 27000 Rial per kilo.

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